How to Sell Stamps

September 06, 2017

Are you a stamp collector searching for options on how and where to sell stamps? Your obvious options are stamp auctions, online auctions, and going to stamp dealers. You can also Do-It-Yourself. So how would you know which options will work the best for you? Each method has its pros and cons. You need to consider each sales path individually, and figure out which makes sense for you. Your personal situation may make one method better than the other. But you must also know which is more important for you – the stamp price, how fast you receive your money, or your time.


Our guess is that you asked yourself “How much is my stamp worth?” Find out the true value of a stamp you want to sell. This will help you sell your stamp at a higher price.


Do you value your time?

If you're new to online auctions, adding pictures, writing online auction descriptions, formatting your listings, and answering questions can take you a lot of time. However, selling your stamps at online auctions is one of the best ways to get more for each of your items for sale.


Set the stamp price. Do you value how much you're paid?

If so, the no-limit online auctions may be a scary proposition as there are chances you'll receive a fraction of your stamp’s true value. Auction fees combined with short auctions can be a double whammy and may leave you regretting ever listing the stamp in the first place. On the positive side, you'll receive your money quickly and there is always the chance that two excited bidders will push your stamps up to above market prices.


Do you value how soon you receive your money?

If you do, then stamp auction houses may not be right for you. Once you consign your stamps, you can be lucky to get your stamps processed before their upcoming auction catalogue has gone to print. The best case scenario is you only wait a month or so before the auction is held. One of the positive sides of stamp auctions is that it requires little effort on your end. It’s also the best way to network with the top-notch collectors who are perfect for high value single stamps.


All methods have their pros and cons. It's all about assessing your own situation and what is best for you. If you just want to sell your stamp collection to create room in your cabinet or drawer, it’s probably best to take them to a stamp dealer unless it is a very high end collection in which case a stamp auction may be best. However, there is a lot of fun to be had and even business potential if you want to take a crack at selling them directly to stamp collectors through online auctions or other creative methods.


Think swap meets, yard sales, antique stores… pretty much anywhere you can find people that like art, history, and the thrill of the hunt is a place you can sell stamps!